“Comic Shapeshifter” Devblog #1: Designing Saja

Saja Redesign Draft

Saja, ready to kick butt!

Time to expose some developments around our first project, “Dimensim™: Comic Shapeshifter”!

Every story needs a protagonist. Saja is a kickass 21-year-old who can shapeshift into protagonists from her favourite comics.

Saja’s design reflects a strong will. Her youth is clearly defined in the way she dresses, and she’s ready to fight if there’s ever a need for that. However, shapeshifting might be one of her preferred choices for combat, since she’ll gain many advantages that way…

Her story is one we’ve been writing for months now, and we’re confident it’s going to be incredible. We’ll delve into the story in another devblog, though!


Fire Girl

Fire Girl, never in need of a lighter.

Fire girl is only one of the many forms Saja can shapeshift into. Being her favourite comic series and protagonist, she knows her fiery fighting style inside out and has a particular fondness of her.

Always carrying an issue of a Fire Girl comic by her side, this is one of the comics the player will start out with. We hope players will appreciate the amount of care we put into her design and move set, as this will be an excellent form to burn your enemies to ashes in close-combat.




Need to be stealthy? There’s a comic for that.

Need to be stealthy? There’s a comic for that.

Stealth Jack is another series Saja used to follow closely, but she stopped reading since she felt the series got a bit generic. She recognises the value of his varied skill set however, and quickly puts an issue of Stealth Jack into her arsenal. His form is less suited for combat, but he’s a damn talented hacker.

Want to reprogram an enemy to bring him to your side? No problem, if you can sneak up to them and hack. Just make sure you don’t get caught…

All designs are by Miles Arquio, our character designer who generally does lots of visual stuff on Comic Shapeshifter.

This wraps up our first devblog. We hope you’ll join us for the next one, where we talk about the story!

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