“Comic Shapeshifter” Devblog #2: Story

Story-time! Now, before we get into the story of Comic Shapeshifter, I want to reveal a tiny bit of information. You may have read the “Dimensim” prefix a few times before if you’ve been following us on any of our channels, or, well, just know me or anyone else on the team. Comic Shapeshifter is just one story in a multiverse we’ve been working on since 2012. If we’re going into “unofficial” territories, the first bit of this multiverse might even have started existing in 2008 or so. We’re calling this multiverse Dimensim, and since we don’t want to give everything away just like that, we’ll continue with Comic Shapeshifter.

Comic Shapeshifter takes place in the second universe we call “The Junction”. This world inhibits many supernatural elements.

This is still a sketch and we’re planning to make a gorgeous model of the world once we have the time.

Comic Shapeshifter takes place on the Inner Continent, which you can hopefully spot in the above video. We went into detail about the protagonist last week. For this blog post, I wanted to tease the antagonist.

Mrs Ray face

“You have no business here. Leave.”

Meet Mrs Ray, CEO of Raycorp. Saja suspects Raycorp to be a shady business, responsible for man-made illnesses that have been spreading around quickly in the city she lives in. Saja plans on finding evidence in hope to confirm her suspicions and to expose them. The incredible security of Raycorp makes them even more suspect in this case, and it won’t be an easy task for her either.

We will share more about the story in the devblogs that contain content relevant to it.

This week, we’ve been working on Saja’s playable model in the game. Currently, most of what we’ve got working in the game engine are placeholders, so we’re slowly working towards making it more complete.

Character designs by Miles Arquio. Globe draft by me.

Please look forward to our devblog for next week, where we will talk about what kind of game Comic Shapeshifter actually is!



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