My dear Shark friends,

How time passes. Three years it has been that we worked on pre-development of several game and film projects. I’ll quickly get to the point: That stuff in the headline? ‘Tis the truth.

I am fully aware of how frantic we look, with our last blog post being a recent exciting announcement about a new game project, but… we’ve taken a good look at ourselves here at Junction Shark, and after a discussion and shareholder votes, we came to the conclusion that it is for the best to close Junction Shark’s game studios, and instead redirect our efforts. We give you our heartfelt thanks for your support, and are sorry if you were excited about our game projects.

But fret not! As our current form crumbles into a pile of ashes, ’tis but a phase; in our moment of self-reflection, we have investigated and found our bottlenecks, and are readjusting so we can play to our strengths. Our strengths lie in storytelling and characters. Yet what held us back was game development itself — our team, despite having years of video game expertise — was neither built nor equipped for the grand task of our game projects. And for this reason, we are thrilled to announce our Rebirth as …


YES! We are heading into a direction that will bring us a lot less headaches, and lets us focus on what we really love; telling stories. And here’s the even better news: If you were excited about the stories in our projects, we are turning our best one into a pilot, which we will then pitch to networks which can help us make it happen. We are dreamers, but take our word: We take our dreams seriously, and are ready to go the lengths needed to share this story we are working on with the world, as it is one that needs to be told.

Unfortunately, as we will be pitching this to networks, some of our following endeavours will be shrouded in secrecy for now. We are however looking into sharing more of what we’re all about, so keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned! We hope you will further follow us wherever we are. We’re counting on your support!

From London with Love ♥♪

Vincent D. Sautter
(on behalf of Junction Shark Ltd.)

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