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My dear Shark friends, How time passes. Three years it has been that we worked on pre-development of several game and film projects. I’ll quickly get to the point: That stuff in the headline? ‘Tis the truth. I am fully aware of how frantic we look, with our last blog post being a recent exciting announcement about a new game… Read more →


THE RUMOURS ARE TRUE!!! hey guys?? I heard rumours @JunctionShark is making a new game??? That game studio who worked on several cancelled things. IT’S A RUMOUR THO — Vincent (@vincentsautter) May 17, 2017   I’ve heard rumours about rumours about @JunctionShark — Akifromspace (@Akifromspace) May 17, 2017 Like these. It’s totally not suspicious that they come from Junction Shark… Read more →

“Comic Shapeshifter” Devblog #2: Story

Story-time! Now, before we get into the story of Comic Shapeshifter, I want to reveal a tiny bit of information. You may have read the “Dimensim” prefix a few times before if you’ve been following us on any of our channels, or, well, just know me or anyone else on the team. Comic Shapeshifter is just one story in a… Read more →

“Comic Shapeshifter” Devblog #1: Designing Saja

Time to expose some developments around our first project, “Dimensim™: Comic Shapeshifter”! Every story needs a protagonist. Saja is a kickass 21-year-old who can shapeshift into protagonists from her favourite comics. Saja’s design reflects a strong will. Her youth is clearly defined in the way she dresses, and she’s ready to fight if there’s ever a need for that. However,… Read more →

Preview – How we do 2D level design in Blender

Hey everyone! We’re long overdue for an update. We’ve been busy, and Dimensim™: Comic Shapeshifter is doing great progress. Last year, we’ve asked on Facebook if anyone’s interested in seeing how we work, and the response has been positive. We’re putting together a few videos; some on story, character design, and level design. Here’s a snippet for the level design… Read more →